During my preparation for major prostate surgery, I wanted to be in the best condition for my surgery and was interested in how to cope with the correct nutrition post surgery. I came across Gina Giebners profile on Linkedin and decided to have a consultation to find out more. It was the best decision i could have made. Gina is easy to talk to and took time to understand my surgery and goals. Her knowledge and recommendations were crucial to my speedy recovery. I am now back at work and feel fitter and healthier than i have for a long time.

Thanks for all your support and timely communication Gina, you are a credit to your profession¡

Drew Rance

I have been blown away by the service Gina Giebner has provided as a dietician. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is extremely experienced and knowledgable, wise, quick to respond and caring. She listens well and has understood and responded to all of our questions regarding a medically complicated situation, and provided excellent advice.

Alison Carter-Goulden

I can’t praise Gina highly enough for her expertise knowledge, time and caring attitude. She has been a great support to me with my digestive issues over the past few months and I feel so much happier about the future as her advice and interest have really helped me.

Mimi Paterson

Gina is such a lovely person, very friendly and I felt truly heard and listened to by her. Not only was my session with her very helpful, it was obvious she had put in a great deal of time and research into my problem. She had a good understanding of all the related topics to my health issues, and I had the best health overhaul I have had in a very long time. She was also able to identify a particular health problem I have had for decades and which I’d never been taken seriously about before, and which in turn has enabled me to get better results from my NHS consultant. Gina is very professional, as well as being a genuine and sincere person who knows her subject and goes all out to provide excellent information, advice and care. It is my pleasure to fully recommend her.

Thank you Gina!

Stephanie Jerrold

Found the information very useful , hope to make some changes to my diet to help with my fatigue.

Paul & Janet Hannah