All packages please contact me to make an enquiry – direct booking requests are not available for packages/gifts they need to be timed at selected intervals based on your individual needs



The Standard Package is £295

3 sessions with email support in-between (up to 3 emails per week if required).

Additional email/WhatsApp can be purchased on request.

Please my other options below.

(These prices are for telehealth only for face-to-face contact me)

Picture of lots of bowls of nutritious food

Package 1 - £350

Maternity/Pre-conception package

Initial consultation + 2 follow up sessions within 8 weeks

Full assessment of dietary intake and lifestyle to support fertility and pregnancy

Personalised supplement tailoring.

PACKAGE 2 - £295

Relatives care package

(support your older relatives by improving your knowledge on how to improve your loved ones diet)

PACKAGE 3 - £350

Individual package nutritional assessment

Initial appointment + 2 follow up sessions within 8 weeks.

Food diary analysis for macro and micronutrient content.

Blood test analysis (requests will incur additional cost depending on what is needed).

Detail recommendations to meet your full dietary needs

PACKANGE 4 - £295

Individual package IBS

Initial appointment + 2 follow up sessions within 8 weeks
Email support in-between sessions
Low FODMAP or alternate plan based on your assessment

Nutrigenomi LOGO

PACKAGE 5 - Bespoke pricing - please request information

Personalised Nutrition based on your genes package

If you cannot find what you need or would like to make a package request please

contact me to discuss your needs/wishes.

Packages are valid for 4 months unless otherwise agreed via confirmation email by The Rehab Dietitian Ltd. This means that the number of sessions should be booked and used within 4 months (unless otherwise agreed and confirmed via email). If not booked within this time you will not be able to request a refund unless requested prior to the 4 months/agreed time period. You can request an extension which may incur additional costs if prices have changed within the elapsed time period.

Please contact The Rehab Dietitian Ltd to discuss.